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Fridge Services in Dubai

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Is your fridge not cooling enough or not cooling at all. All the food and veggies are getting rotten. Well we know how that feels from our own experience and from our suffering customers who have gone through the same. It could be a really painful experiences having all the vegetables and all your food going bad.


Some of the most common issues our customers call us with are:
    • Water is leaking through the fridge. The floor around the fridge is always filled with water.
    • The freezer is not cooking enough or warm.
    • Fridge making loud noises.
    • Fresh Food Compartment is warming up.
    • Ice maker overflowing
    • Fridge is getting extremely cold and freezing up all the fresh food.



At “Best In Town” we have fixed every kind of home appliances eg: (Fridge, Dishwasher, Cooker and Oven) available in a typical home environment. Our technicians are trained to work with every brand of fridges currently available in Dubai market. We have partnered with manufacturers and vendors of large brands(LG, Samsung, Bosh, West point, Ariston) to provide you with highest quality spare parts at the lowest possible cost. From the day of repair we provide you with a 90 days checking period during which we will repair your machine for free of cost. We do not advise prolonging the repair has this could cause severe damage to your fridge which could increase the cost of repair or break the appliance beyond repair. To get an immediate repair call us at (04-3382777) and request for a same day delivery.