What To Do Do When Your Washing Machine Won’t Drain Water?

What To Do Do When Your Washing Machine Won’t Drain Water?

Is your washing machine working properly but not draining the water, is your washer filled with water and wet clothes. This could be happening due to a vast number of issues which we will discuss further in details. Some of the issues you can easily fix at your home, while others may need a technical expert like “Best In Town Services” (043382777).

Warning: We don’t take any responsibilities for “Do it yourself solutions” when fixing the machine at home there is always a risk of breaking the machine beyond repair or getting electrocuted.

Identifying the issue:

First and foremost thing you need to do to identify the issues is go through the service manual for any clues pertaining to draining problems. If you have a newer model there could be mention of error code identifying to the exact issue. This could save significant amount of your time, has diagnosing the issue is a time consuming job. If you’re like most of washing machine owners having an old model of washing machine continue reading on.

Check Drain Hose:

With any washing machine the first thing you need to do is check your drain hose by sending a high pressure water stream through it. Most of the non-draining machines have some kind of clog in it. Running a water stream could clear this blocks, if this doesn’t work check for bent or knotted pipes.

Check Drain Pump:

Top Load Washing Machine Motor

When the machine is run if you hear unusual motor sounds, like the motor is having a hard time spinning or motor not spinning at all. You may need to remove washing machine cover check if there is any clog in the washing machine. This step is not for every user, we only recommend a tech savvy person to open and diagnose the machine. If you are in Dubai and looking for an expert nearby call “Best In Town Services” (043382777).

Check Drive Belt:

If you have gone through the above steps and still found no issues with drain hose or pump. The issue could be lying in the drive belt. If you have enough expertise in opening and repairing large machines with moving parts go head and have a look at the drive belt. The belt could be worn out or broken, a replacement of the belt may be needed. If you are in Dubai call us with make and model of your machine to get a replacement for your belt. We would be happy to help you with a new spare.

Plumbing Issues:

In rare cases the issue may not even be in the machine. The home drain lines could have been clogged to identify this remove the washing machine outlet from the drain tube. Keep the machine drain hose in a bucket and start the machine if the machine is draining properly now. You have a plumbing issue in your home and may need to fix it immediately.

We would love to hear how you fixed your washing machine in comments below.

If you need a professional person to come down to you house and fix your machine call “Best In Town Services”(04-3382777). We are in the industry for more than 10 years we have partnered with large brands like (LG, Samsung, Ariston etc) to provide you with genuine spare parts. We also provide you with a 30 days checking period from the date of repair so that you could have peace of mind.

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