Why Everything You Heard About Buying A New AC With High Seer Ratio Is A Lie

Why Everything You Heard About Buying A New AC With High Seer Ratio Is A Lie

At “Best In Town Services” our customers call us every day saying they would need a AC with the highest SEER rating as they are the most efficient appliances. Sadly this is far from truth, AC’s with higher seer rating are far more efficient then an AC with less rating, but!!! Read on to know why not always the most efficient AC is the best AC. There are a wide range of factors that need to be considered when buying an AC which we will highlight in this article.

What is SEER and what it means?

SEER: SEER stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio.

SEER in simple terms means how much heat the AC can remove for the amount of electricity it consumes. An AC with higher SEER rating can cool a larger room in comparison to an AC with lower rating. Below is a chart showing the relation between the SEER rating and the power consumption.

Seer Vs Cooling Cost Saving Chart

How To Choose The Right Seer For Your Home/ Office?

When it comes to SEER rating there is no one answer that fits all the requirements, all we can give is a set of guidelines. If you are trying to replace an older AC unit with 8-10 SEER its best to choose 13 SEER for moderate climate and 14/15 SEER in harsh climate like gulf countries.

How To Maintain Your AC At The Highest Efficiency

We at “BEST IN TOWN SERVICES” (04-3382777) proud ourselves for being in the industry for more than 12 years. We have the right kind of professionals who have been certified for HVAC installation, maintenance and repair.

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