Why Do AC Condensers Freeze? How To Fix Them?

Here at “Best In Town” we do get frequent calls stating their ac is getting frozen and need an emergency...
Why Do AC Condensers Freeze? How To Fix Them?

Here at “Best In Town” we do get frequent calls stating their ac is getting frozen and need an emergency repair. The most frequent questions we get is why this happens? How can we avoid freezing AC’S? How long will it take to fix the issue for a professional? What could be the cost of such an AC repair? We do understand all your questions and in this article we will try to answer to the best of our capability.

Before we go into how the issue pertains, it’s important for our readers to know how the AC works. The working principle behind the Ac is known has “Joule-Thomson”. In technical terms temperature is the energy constituted in a molecule.  What Joule-Thomson states is hotter the air more energy the molecules constitute. When the air is compressed, the molecule get heated up and excited. Air conditioner use the same principle in reverse and expands the refrigerant flowing inside the coil this expansion in the refrigerant will cool down refrigerant rapidly. This cooling process will cool the air surrounding air and that’s how you feel the cool breeze coming out of your Air Conditioner. Now that you know how the Air Conditioner works let’s get into why it gets frozen.

Air Conditioner could get frozen for multiple reasons which we have mentioned below also we have mentioned on how can the freeze up be avoided and fixed.

  1. Blockage of Airflow

If there is not enough air flowing around the Ac coils you will start to see ice deposits around your cooler. This may happen due to clogged Air Filters, if the place you reside in is heavily polluted you may need to regularly replace the filters with the help of AC Service Providers such as “Best In Town”. You can also get an “Annual Maintenance Contract” for a very affordable cost, Call Us (043382777) to get quote.

  1. Mechanical failure

Can you believe it, the so silent Air conditioner consist of large no of moving parts. Even if a single moving part get disrupted the whole system goes off. This kind of failure could lead to a low pressure in your AC and ice setting on the machine. How can you fix this issue, (if you’re not a trained AC Repair guy reading this article) we do not recommend you try to solve this issue by yourself as this could damage the machine and make it irreparable also there is a hazard of getting electrocuted if you don’t do it right. Need a immediate Ac repair Call Us (043382777).

  1. Ac Low On Refrigerant

When the coolant in your Ac is less than the minimum required there might be extreme expansion of coolant due to low pressures. This causes the coil to go subzero levels and the moisture in the air is frozen around the coils and machine.

  1. Cool Weather

Air conditioners are made to work in certain temperature range when the temperature in your city is below the optimum level there may be frost around the Ac. What can you do about this? Having a programmable thermostat  saves a lot of hassle when the climate in your region is unpredictable it can auto turn off your machine when the weather in your region is colder than the minimum threshold off the AC.

 Final Thoughts

We hope we have answered all of your questions if you have any further questions in mind please feel free to ask us in the below comment section. You could be having a frequent AC issues. All kinds of issues could be prevented by doing regular maintenance and service of your Air Conditioner. As per research of Energy Department of USA states that regular maintenance of AC could improve the lifespan by whooping figure of 20%. If you are looking for an AC Service and Maintenance company call “Best In Town Services” (043382777) for a quick and affordable service.

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