Why Is My Microwave Not Heating Up?

Why Is My Microwave Not Heating Up?

Today the kitchen appliances have become our closest friends, imagining a life without those dear kitchen appliances is impossible. In this article we will help you diagnose the issue with oven, this article is only for informational purpose.

Warning: Unless you’re a trained electrician we don’t recommend you open your oven. The oven could have a large amount of stored charge in capacitors which could be hazards to you. It is always recommended to consult a trained professional.

In this article we will brief about the most common oven issues that you may face:

Error Code PF XXXX: Good news! This is a very simple issue can be resolved very easily. This error code get displayed when you have a power outage when the oven was running. Just press “CLEAR” button and reset the timer. Here is a generic list of error codes which may come in handy.

Door Switches: The most common issues we have seen in our customers appliances is faulty door switches. After years of opening and closing the microwave the first thing that breaks is the door switches a typical oven could have 3-4 switches.

Identifying a faulty door switch is quite easy. When the oven door is closed the oven lights will not turn off this could be an evidence of faulty door switches.

Power diodes: A microwave oven needs large voltages to heat up the food. To boost the voltage the AC current is converted to DC by means of power diode. When any one of the diode fails the ovens doesn’t heat up. For a trained technician diagnosing a faulty diode is an easy job.

Capacitor: If your oven is making buzzing noise. There is a high probability that a capacitor is burnt out. Oven capacitors store large amount of charge even when the oven is turned off they need to be handled by trained professionals only.

Image Of Magnetron Of A Oven

Image Of Magnetron Of A Oven

Magnetron: This is the most expensive and the core of an oven. The magnetron is the device which emits radiations to heat up your food. If your oven is functioning properly except heating up the food. Well you may have a faulty magnetron or a broken thermoprotector.

Thermoprotector: This is the overheat protection system of the oven. This part is used to trip off the oven when the heat goes above certain degree temperature to keep the oven and home safe. If this part is broken the oven won’t start for safety precautions.

Traic: This is the power controlling device of the oven. It is used to regulate between different power levels to set different cooking temperatures.

Faulty Control Board: This is an extremely rare occurrence but you could be having this issue. Most technicians won’t be able to fix the main control board issue and may suggest to replace the PCB from a dealer. We at “Best In Town Services” have specialist who can repair a damaged PCB at far more affordable cost then buying a replacement.

At “Best In Town Services” we have specialist who can fix every kind of issue that we have mentioned in this article. If you’re staying a Dubai you can call us at 04-3382777. We provide you a 30 days checking period so that you can be in peace of mind doing business with us.

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