AC Buying Guide: When Choosing Between Copper Coils VS Aluminum Coil AC’s. How Not To Lose Your Sanity

Planning to buy a new AC to beat the heat in this summer. Temperature in Dubai can get extremely hot....
AC Buying Guide: When Choosing Between Copper Coils VS Aluminum Coil AC’s. How Not To Lose Your Sanity

Copper Aluminum Coil Comparison ACPlanning to buy a new AC to beat the heat in this summer. Temperature in Dubai can get extremely hot. The temperature can lead to 47°C at the higher range with highest temperature recorded as high has 51.2°C. In Dubai buying AC has become a basic need, if you’re planning to buy an AC in Dubai call “BEST IN TOWN” (04-3382777) for all kinds of AC needs. In this article the author will discuss about the largely debated topic in the HVAC industry which AC should I choose Copper coil VS Aluminum coil ACs. Before we get into which type is better, we need to know about what’s the importance of coil in an AC, only when you know how the machine works you can make an informed decision.


What is the role of Air Conditioners coils?

Evaporator And Condenser Coils

Air Conditioners don’t produce cold air has a hot air blower produces hot air. Instead AC works by transferring heat from inside the room to outside atmospheres. This process is carried out by two coils namely evaporator coil and condenser coil. We will briefly touch the working of the two.

Evaporator coil: This part of the machine is where the cold air comes out, the cool breeze you feel in your home. When the cool refrigerant is passed through the evaporator coil it absorbs the heat from surroundings and transfers the heat to the condenser coils by using the refrigerant has a medium. This coils are made of Aluminum or Copper which we will discuss in depth later.

Condenser Coil: Once the refrigerant is passed on to the condenser coils it flows through the compressor, the refrigerant is then pressurized to form hot gas. This gas is pumped to the outside atmosphere to release all the stored heat.

In the initial days Air Conditioners where expensive and a luxury item only the well-off could afford one. The coils being used were made up off copper. As the demand for less expensive machines started growing, new innovations in HVAC industry were seen. It’s around 1970 General Electric brought a revolution in the HVAC industry by introducing a low cost machines which was affordable for a large chunk of the market. This new machines were made up off Aluminum coils which were quite cheaper compared to copper.

Now that we know the technical aspects and history of the Air Conditioner. Let’s get to the core of the topics which kind of machine is better and why.

  1. Cost: When considering cost the aluminum comes on top. Has aluminum is way more expensive then copper. Also aluminum is way more malleable and ductile so far less raw material is needed when manufacturing coils which can also lower the cost.
  2. Durability: Both the metals can get corroded easily, we recommend a regular maintenance and service of your AC’s. If you’re located in Dubai and looking for experts in HVAC technologies call “BEST IN TOWN” (04-3382777).
  3. Heat Transfer Efficiency: The coils made up of copper are far better than aluminum in terms of heat transfer capability. This can be a desirable quality in AC’s has the cooling is much faster and less power is needed.
  4. Maintenance: Copper coils are stronger and more durable and will last longer in comparison to aluminum.
  5. Repair Cost: It is very easy to repair an AC with copper coils on spot, whereas an aluminum coil AC may need a complete replacement and increase the cost.

Our final views when it’s deciding between the types of AC. The main thing that we need to consider is the cost. In our view the initial cost of a copper coil AC may be high but over the long run it will reduce your power usage and maintenance fee. If you’re interested in buying a AC in Dubai call “Best In Town” (04-3382777).

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