Confused Between Whether To Replace Or Repair Your AC.

Confused Between Whether To Replace Or Repair Your AC.

At “Best In Town Servicesour every customers call us being confused whether to buy a new AC or get the same AC repaired. When it comes to making a decision between the two there are a wide range of factors that we would need to consider. The most important parameter would be the initial cost, next the load of AC that is needed is directly proportional the area that needs cooling.

AC load calculation

Age of the AC: If you have an AC older than 10-15 years well it’s time to get a new one. An older AC will consume more power, and in the longer run the power bills may add up to the cost of buying a new AC.

Repair Cost: Contacting a professional company like “Best In Town Services” will diagnose your AC and will give you a upfront quotation on how much you may need to pay. If it’s an expensive repair we will suggest you to buy a new one. If you are in Dubai, UAE you can also buy a brand new AC’s with us call (04-3382777) to get the best quote for your requirement.

AC load calculation diagram with detailed description

Load Calculations: This is a very important aspect of buying new Air Conditioner. If you have AC with less load capacity then the required norm your AC will be running nonstop and rack up a huge power bills. Having a AC larger than required will unnecessarily increase the cost, also the AC will cycle between on and off this may damage the machine in the long run and also rack up huge power bills.

Power Bills: Are your power bills going through the roof? Well it may be time to buy a newer AC. As the AC’s age they will consume more and more power. You may need to consider your electricity bills before making a decision.

Frequency of Repairs: Do you frequently contact your AC technician for issues with your old AC. Well it may be time to buy a brand new AC.

If you live in Dubai, UAE and are looking for a professional company you can call “Best In Town Services” (04-3382777) we have more than 10 years of experience in the HVAC industry. We can fix any kind of issue with your AC, has we have a large inventory of spare parts that may need to go into your Air conditioner to fix it.  Our technicians with their vast experience in the industry can suggest you whether to buy a new one or get it repaired. We are also the dealers of all the major AC brands available in Dubai market call us now 04-3382777.

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